Looking for a distinct blend of quality, style and taste in mineral water?

Then look no further than pristine Cape Karoo Natural Mineral Water.

As anyone with a discerning palate will confirm, natural spring water is not tasteless. The outstanding taste of the Cape Karoo product comes from the dissolved minerals it absorbs gradually and naturally during its leisurely journey through the granite of the Paardeberg mountains – a journey that ends on the lush grounds of Weltevrede Wine Estate in a modern, state-of-the-art bottling plant.

Natural Mineral Water

Sourced from deep within one of nature’s best water purification and filtration systems: Granite Rock.

Bottled at Source

Our water is bottled at source away from city pollutants and contaminants.

Renewable Energy

Power supplied to the factory is sourced from the most efficient renewable energy technologies; aiming towards a sustainable zero carbon footprint.

Greener Bottles

By 2018, Enerwater products will be bottled using the latest technologies for the greenest packaging.

It’s all about balance

Scientists express the amount of minerals in water as a TDS number – Total Dissolved Solids.

Too low a TDS can result in bland, tasteless water; too high can be a little overwhelming. Karoo Spring Water has a palate-pleasing TDS of 190, a level generally agreed by knowledgeable consumers as “just right”.

So whether you drink water as part of a memorable meal or as part of your daily routine, you want a pure, refreshing and healthy product.

The Ideal Value

And on the “health” side, if you’re following the current debate on “acid vs alkaline” water, it is comforting to know that Karoo mineral water is ideally positioned on the pH scale; its pH of 7.2 is virtually spot on the neutral point of 7.

A superior product in stylish glass packaging, ideal for the premier end of the hospitality industry – and of course, superior homes.

Cape Karoo Natural Mineral Water made by Mother Nature, lightly touched by man on its way to your table.