Green vision

We believe in the future greening approach of the southern hemisphere economies, given the predictability of electricity price increases and the higher energy demands due to strong economic growth.

We have completed Phase 1 of the process called “Green Factory” that will bring us to a fully green plant, generating and using renewable sources, even in an energy intensive field like 24 hour beverage bottling.

Our ‘’Green Factory’’ is the new generation of factories, with an innovative way to approach green technology. The philosophy is to first have a partial off-grid system, with a view to being completely off grid by the time the new factory is operational. This will be based on a mix of exclusively renewable energy sources.

This project is possible thanks to the large experience of Enerwater in the green energy field. We also strive to keep the architecture integrated into the landscape as much as possible, respecting the environment through the use of sustainable building technologies.

Our Business Model will represent a one-stop solution; 360 degree approach to green energy efficient developments.

Enerwaters final goal is to become the “greenest” beverage bottling facility in Africa. Our vision is to prove that we can have a flagship model on environmental protection, even in emerging markets, whilst still maintaining the highest quality at competitive prices.